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Toronto, a movie town

| Tourism

When we think of movies, the first city that comes to mind is Los Angeles, home to the American film industry and home to most US movie studios.

Summer in the cold of Greenland

| Tourism

Almost no one in Brazil knows Greenland, more than that, very few people know anything about the place. Greenland is an autonomous constituent nation that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. It is also the largest island in the world, with more than 44 one thousand miles of coastline (other islands adjacent to the Greenland Island also belong to the nation). Although […]

The city of stone and the sea of ​​salt

| Tourism

Álvaro Garnero and the 50 team for 1 disembarked in Jordan and went to visit one of the most famous World Heritage Sites, the city of Petra.

Qatar, an attraction market

| Tourism

50 for 1 returned to Qatar to showcase one of Doha's oldest sights: Souq Waqif. In 2006 the government of Qatar decided to reform the whole area to preserve the historical importance of the place.

A safari in the Okavango Delta

| Tourism

The 50 1 adventure in Botswana continues, now in the Okavango Delta, the largest inland delta in the world, formed where the Okavango River reaches a tectonic channel in the central part of the Kalahari endorheic basin.

Luxury, joy and peace in the middle of the jungle

| Tourism

Still in the Okavango Delta, Alvaro was able to enjoy the comforts of the exclusive luxury resort, Belmond Eagle Island Lodge, in the Okavango Delta. The hotel has only 12 villas, all with swimming pool and a level of comfort not at all common in the jungle.

A day of hunting in Botswana

| Tourism

In the last episode of Botswana, Álvaro Garnero and his team were able to visit the impressive Chobe National Park, the largest elephant sanctuary in the world, housing about 50 thousand Kalahari animals.

The discovery of Botswana

| Tourism

This time the 50 1 team landed in the south of the African continent, in a country still unknown to Brazilians: Botswana.

The first expedition to the Glacier Pia

| Tourism

The 50 team for 1 said goodbye to Patagonia in style. First Alvaro Garnero and his team were acquainted with the fishing of the crab, giant crab typical of the region.


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