Lhere are the five Instagram accounts that inspire and make everyone travel, even in a dream.


Murad had an incredible idea - always take a picture of where he is, holding the hand of his girlfriend, always with the same perspective. You've even created a hashtag for this: #followmeto. And it seems that with the beautiful landscapes and the creative idea even managed to many people to follow. It accumulates millions of followers.


Since 2010 Matthew Karsten has been traveling: he quit his job and left the world with his girlfriend. Taking amazing pictures helped him a lot. Today he has one of the most popular travel accounts on Instagram and several sponsors.


Irish Conor MacNeill is a landscape and architecture photographer, so do not expect selfies or pictures of him on this account: here the characters are the places. And because of your training, expect a lot of symmetry and a unique visual language.


Here we will talk about a Spanish Alvaro, but who also loves travel. The incredible thing about this Alvaro is that he has already managed to get through almost 70 countries without dropping his office job. Nobody knows how, but his Instagram account is worth following, okay.


We ended up here with our traveler, who began his journey with 50 by 1 already in 2007, before Instagram even existed. Today are more than 100 countries, an audience that reaches millions and an Instagram account followed and envied worldwide.


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