The most breathtaking scenery

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Alvaro Garnero has traveled to more than 90 countries. And here he made a list of the five landscapes that most impacted him. Check out:

Best travel accounts on Instagram

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Here we list the five Instagram accounts that inspire and make everyone travel, even if it is in a dream.

Toronto, a movie town

| Tourism

When we think of movies, the first city that comes to mind is Los Angeles, home to the American film industry and home to most US movie studios.

Meet good, beautiful and cheap hostels around the world

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To travel with class no one needs to necessarily seek a five star hotel. The world is filled with charming hostels to welcome tourists with every comfort and without hurting the pocket too much. We have gathered here the top five in the world.

The most beautiful gardens in the world

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This is a list that several travelers have already done and the results are quite different for each one. But as we trusted our favorite traveler, we asked him to list the five gardens that most impressed him in his life. The list is really impressive. It's unbelievable.

Summer in the cold of Greenland

| Tourism

Almost no one in Brazil knows Greenland, more than that, very few people know anything about the place. Greenland is an autonomous constituent nation that belongs to the Kingdom of Denmark. It is also the largest island in the world, with more than 44 one thousand miles of coastline (other islands adjacent to the Greenland Island also belong to the nation). Although […]

The best ice cream in the world

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This is a list that causes controversy, Alvaro Garnero even asked the opinion of some traveling friends to complete it. The conclusion you get from seeing the addresses below is that almost every continent in the world has a delicious ice cream waiting for you. Good.

Post Cafe of Music

| Cafe de la musique

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The city of stone and the sea of ​​salt

| Tourism

Álvaro Garnero and the 50 team for 1 disembarked in Jordan and went to visit one of the most famous World Heritage Sites, the city of Petra.


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